The HYDROSYS LABOR LTD. carrying out sampling, physical/chemical and radiochemical measurements; related analytical laboratory services and engineering consultancy:

    • Sampling (potable, underground, surface, thermal water and sewage)
    • Sediment sampling
    • Surface Soil Sampling
    • Field measurements (surface water flows, run-off measurement of mountain springs)
    • Radiocarbon determination, tritium, radium and radon activity measurements for water samples
    • Radiocarbon dating of water
    • Determination of tritium profiles of soils
    • Determination of radioactivity levels (alpha & beta) in environmental samples
    • Measuring the radiocarbon and tritium concentration in fossil fuels, waste, plants and foods
    • Determination of biomass content is mixed waste fuels
    • Measurement of natural background radiation of buildings
    • Preparation of Environmental Opinion letters and reports on water quality
    • Consultancy about measuring techniques


    Our laboratory uses IRPA and MSZ standards (FS-78-15-AKU: 1995, MSZ 19387:1987 ) analytical method. The HYDROSYS LABOR Kft. complies with the criteria of MSZ EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard as Testing Laboratory and its accreditation certificate (registration number: NAT-1-1714/2012) is valid until 11 Dec, 2016.



    • The tritium analysis procedure is based on the principal of selective isotopic enrichment using electrolysis. The volume of the water samples is reduced from 250 ml / 800 ml to 14 - 15 ml by electrolytic enrichment, factor of tritium enrichment was about 15-16 or 30-35. The tritium activity of enriched water samples are counted by liquid scintillation analyzer (LD> 0.2 TU). In view of the enrichment and measurement parameters, the tritium concentration in the original water sample is calculated with customized software.

      The quality and the timely implementation is supported by the company’s solid instrumental background:

    • Electrolytic Enrichment Systems

    •            - 1 system with 24 cells (volume 800 ml), with electronic control / Manufacturer: BFA Arsenal, Wien
    •            - 4 systems with 10 cells (volume 250 ml), with electronic control / Manufacturer: MTA Isotope Institute, Budapest
    •            - 1 system with 15 cells (volume 250 ml), with electronic control / Manufacturer: VITUKI, Budapest

      Liquid Scintillation Analyzers

    •            - Quantulus GCT 6220 Super Low Level Scintillation Counter / Manufacturer: PerkinElmer
    •            - Quantulus 1220 Ultra Low Level Liquid Scintillation Spectrometer / Manufacturer: PerkinElmer
    •            - Tri-Carb 3170 TR/SL Super Low Level Liquid Scintillation Analyzer / Manufacturer: PerkinElmer
    •            - Tri-Carb 2250 TR/LL Low Level Liquid Scintillation Analyzers (3 pieces) / Manufacturer: Packard


Standard Reference Material

           - SRM 4361C H-3 Radioactivity Standard (tritiated water) / Manufacturer: National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST)